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Iki – MLV

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Iki – MLV

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79,99 $
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A creation of the author Koota Yamada .

Live an entire year in Edo (17th-19th century Tokyo) and try to become the best Edokko, the "Child of Edo," by participating in the well-being and prosperity of Edo and its citizens. Hire characters with various skills, make them work in the main street of Nihonbashi, and increase their experience until it's time for them to retire.

In this game, not only are there artisans, but street vendors, sellers at the shops, and professions unique to this time and age. The goal of this game is to personify what is known as "IKI," an ancient philosophy believed to be the ideal way of living among people in Edo. Knowing the subtleties of human nature, being refined and attractive — these are all elements of a true IKI master.


  • ONE YEAR IN EDO JAPAN: Play twelve rounds, with a new deck of cards used each season, changing the occupations and effects you experience throughout the year!

  • HIRE AND RETIRE: When someone uses one of your stalls, that character gains experience until they retire, providing ongoing income and adding to your sets of different colors!

  • TOUR THE MARKET: Visit stalls and activate effects as you move in a circle around the board. Prioritizing moving further or sooner in turn order!

  • BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS: Striking artwork immerses you into the setting of feudal Tokyo, accented by bright graphic design for easy readability!

  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: Enjoy a luxurious experience with wooden resources, heat transfer details on pieces, and even the unique shapes of tokens!


  • 1 double-sided game board

  • 4 double-sided player boards

  • 60 Character cards

  • 10 Building cards

  • 36 Player pieces

  • 50 Resources

  • 56 coins (1 and 4 value)

  • 28 Sandal tokens

  • 12 Koban tokens

  • 8 Fish tokens

  • 8 Pipe tokens

  • 8 Tobacco Pouch tokens

  • 4 Fire tiles

  • 5 Special tokens

  • 1 Calendar marker

  • 1 Sun & 1 Moon tokens

  • 12 Blocking tiles

  • 1 scorepad

  • 1 rulebook