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Decrypto – 5th anniversary

  • 34,99 $
Scorpion Masqué

Decrypto – 5th anniversary

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34,99 $
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A creation of the author Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance .

Same rules, 220 new words!

Decrypto pits two teams against each other. The general idea of the game is to transmit information to your own team without the other team understanding. To win you have to walk a fine line: The instructions you give need to be clear enough for your teammates to understand, while at the same time obscure enough to baffle your adversaries!

Each round, both teams appoint one of their members to be the Encryptor, whose job is to transmit a secret 3-digit code to their teammates without the opposing team intercepting the code. If you succeed in guessing the opposing team’s code, you win an Interception Token. If you manage to get 2 Interception Tokens, your team wins!


  • LIMITED EDITION: The black box with shiny gold foil accents is exclusive to 2023, celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Decrypto's publication!

  • #1 PARTY GAME: This multi award-winning game has consistently held the #1 spot of the party game category on BoardGameGeek since it released!

  • HIGH REPLAYABILITY: With 440 total keywords included in the box, no two games will be the same! You'll want to play again and again!

  • NOVEL COMPONENTS: Keywords are scrambled by a red and blue 3D analgyph effect and are revealed once the cards are slid behind the red window in the screens!

  • MULTI-AWARD WINNING: Across the globe, Decrypto has received commendations from renowned game juries and influential content creators.


  • 110 Keyword cards

  • 48 Code cards

  • 4 Miscommunication tokens

  • 4 Interception tokens

  • 2 screens

  • 1 sand timer

  • 50 player sheets

  • 1 rulebook

Out of stock

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