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Gaming profiles

Roll & Move

Embark on a journey full of unexpected events, good and bad, full of action, twists and turns. If you’re nostalgic for good old Snakes and Ladders, this gaming profile will delight you with surprises around every corner.

Creative & Social

Spice up any soiree with friends or family with this gaming profile designed to connect people through fun and discovery! These games put your talents to the test, from trivia to riddles, miming skills, performance, and much more.

Risks & Opportunities

If you like dice, cards, and casino games you’ll love this gaming profile that offers a family of games that require intuition, courage, and gaming know-how. A series of games that encompasses the “push your luck” style, and rewards experience.

Bluffs & Negotiation

If lies, betrayal, and using secret abilities to achieve your goals are your cup of tea, this gaming profile is made for your calculating mind! These games invite you to skilfully apply your powers of persuasion to read, convince and negotiate with your opponents while savoring every moment.

Ability & Intention

Here, you’ll find games that put your skills to the test, from sense of observation to speed, precision and memory. All your abilities will get something out of these games. Simply choose and jump in! Pleasure guaranteed.

Deduction & Investigation

Murders, robberies and crimes of all kinds make this gaming profile endlessly mysterious. You’ll be absorbed by the narratives of these intriguing games, solving mysteries, taking notes, uncovering secrets, and lots more. Fan of the famous Clue game? You’re in the right place.

Abstract & Brainstorm

In player lingo, an “abstract” game is a game without a thematic universe, such as chess or checkers, for example. This profile presents games that ask you to think a few steps ahead. Often for two players et à information parfaite, these games shine by their unusual material.

Combos & Attacks

Use your special powers to create extraordinary combos and powerful attacks against your enemies! Conquests, confrontations, military units and territories make this gaming profile’s offerings particularly thrilling.

Development & Resource Management

In this gaming profile, you’ll be called to build, manage, and innovate. With small actions throughout each game, you’ll build a strategy and accumulate victory points. This profile presents a series of games that will charm both amateurs and passionate players.

Immersive & Adventure

Dive into fantastic universes, embody great heroes, face out-of-the-ordinary threats and win legendary treasures! This gaming profile offers epic role-playing games that will transport you to another world for hours of adventure, fantasy and and enjoyment.