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Gaming Caravan

Gaming Caravan

Enjoy the Randolph Experience whatever your event; we are here for you

2+ hours

Giant games, togetherness, and fun all in one

Whether it’s for a festival, a family party, or any other special event, Randolph knows how to create a lively, attention-grabbing gaming space that will generate laughter and excitement! Discover dexterity games, giant games that really stand out, and learn new board and card games, all under the guiding hand of our passionate team of gaming hosts.

  1. A team of gaming hosts will be on hand throughout the event.
  2. A selection of giant games for outdoor use, or for all other occasions!
  3. Fairground-style games for groups who like to wander

The Randolph Gaming Caravan for parties and company events

Add a dash of gaming your company event or private party! Games are great for bringing people together as they have fun discovering their competitive spirit. Perfect for corporate team building, weddings, birthdays, office parties, and stag and hen parties.

Our professional gaming hosts will take good care of you, adapting themselves to the specific profile of your group, and making sure that all members are involved and entertained.

With more than XXX games that have been on the market since 2013, we are the outdoor event specialists! Our selection of games is tailored for every season, so come back to check out what we have on offer.

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Playtime for your business. Team-building has never been so much fun.

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