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Une création de l'auteur Guillaume Montiage .

Suspects is a range of investigation games with streamlined rules and plots centered on the psychology of the characters in the style of Agatha Christie’s novels. The first opus will feature the ingenious and fearless Claire Harper in three stories that pay tribute to the great classics of detective literature!

Claire Harper was one of the first women to graduate from Oxford in 1927. Specializing in criminal law, she is also an adventurous traveler. Every mystery is an opportunity for her to test her formidable spirit of deduction and her unfailing determination! In this first episode, follow her in her investigations that will take her from grand manor houses to shady theaters and from Scotland to...Egypt!


  • THREE CASES TO SOLVE: Travel from Scotland to Egypt, solving murders and mysteries in grand estates, small theatres, and even in front of huge pyramids!

  • COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY: Work together to answer all the intriguing questions presented in each case, finding the motive, culprit, and red herrings!

  • EASY TO LEARN: Examine evidence and reveal cards matching the numbers printed, earning more points the fewer cards you need to find the correct answers!

  • IMMERSIVE STORIES: Observe the facial expressions of suspects, details of crime scenes, and details in testimonies just as a true investigator would!

  • NON-DESTRUCTIBLE CAMPAIGN: After finishing each case, put the cards back in order and close the envelope with the answers, not destroying any components!


  • 164 Clue cards

  • 3 Cover cards

  • 3 Introduction sheets

  • 6 Supplemental Evidence sheets

  • 3 Solution envelopes

  • 1 rulebook