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Studio H


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Une création de l'auteur Adrian Dinu .

Based on the universe of the Northgard video game, Northgard: Uncharted Lands is a game of conquest and exploration set in the age of vikings. Each player controls a Viking clan and builds their own deck, looking to achieve victory by reaping glory in various ways or controlling the most prized territories of this new continent.

The game focus is on streamlined rules and mechanisms, allowing for a fast-paced and smooth rhythm of play. Each turn, players alternate their actions to adapt their strategies to their opponents' moves and the expansion of the board. Fame (i.e., points) can be earned by exploring, fighting, and controlling and developing territories. The various corresponding actions are played through the cards that the players have in hand. At the end of each turn, they have to choose a new card to improve their personal deck as their clans develop new tactics and technologies.

  • STREAMLINED 4X GAME: Players will explore, expand, exterminate, and exploit the lands to ensure their viking clan has the most fame and prosperity!

  • SIMPLIFIED DECK-BUILDING: At the end of each round, players will gain 1 new card with upgraded actions, multiple actions, or end-of-game scoring on them!

  • 70+ PLASTIC MINIS: Each player will have their own set of 14 plastic vikings that bring the world to life. See who controls each terrain with these 3D player pieces!

  • 50+ UNIQUE CARDS: In addition to each player's starting cards, there are over 50 unique cards that players can add to their hands for powerful actions!

  • 7 DIFFERENT CLANS: Choose one of 7 different viking clans to control, each with three unique powers that you can upgrade during the game!


  • 70 miniatures

  • 35 Map tiles

  • 30 Starting cards

  • 21 Clan cards

  • 52 Development cards

  • 10 Unrest cards

  • 7 Achievement cards

  • 5 Player Aid cards

  • 56 Building tokens

  • 65 Fame tokens

  • 75 Resource tokens

  • 15 Multiple Resource tokens

  • 2 dice

  • 1 First Player token

  • 1 Turn track and Year token

  • 1 Scorched Earth and Kaija token

  • 1 rulebook

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