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Oh Reallyyy?

  • 29,99 $



Oh Reallyyy?

Available online and in store
29,99 $
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In Oh Really?, players try to correctly guess the order of preference of other players among 5 completely different topics. The more accurately your guesses are, the more points you score.

Oh Really? brings laughter, discussions and small discomforts, all of which can be a great icebreaker for your dinners, parties or even on a date! With 200 different topics to choose from, each game will be unique and each choices can be hard to make.

- PERFECT FOR DATES AND PARTIES: Get to know your close friends or new connections even better each round! Answers may be surprising!

- GREAT FOR BIG GROUPS: With 200 different topics to explore, you won't get tired of the game any time soon. You'll always learn something new!

- SPARK DISCUSSION: As you reveal everyone's answers, share stories about your rankings or explain your logic for guessing someone's preference.

- EASY SETUP: Each player receives their own hand of 6 cards, then you reveal 5 topic cards in the center of the table. Each round, simply reveal 5 new topic cards!

- COLORFUL COMPONENTS: The fun and kitschy artwork was created by the designer of the game, MC Marquis, and adds extra personality to your game table!