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Linkto Travel

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Linkto Travel

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18,99 $
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Linkto Travel is a co-operative trivia game in which players team up to find the key amongst the 50 cards that feature unique travel art. It offers five levels of difficulty in the game as well as a competitive mode for those who want it.

Together, players link all 49 clue cards to the 50 word cards. They then discover whether the remaining, unlinked word card is the key to their victory, validating its code with the answer card to know whether they’ve won the game!


  • LEARN WHILE YOU PLAY: Cover Word cards with the Question card it answers, narrowing down your options as you work through all 49 questions.

  • UNIQUE SCORING MECHANIC: Players win if the remaining unlinked Word card matches the code on the back of the Answers card!

  • PERFECT FOR BIG GROUPS: Since it is cooperative, up to 10 players can easily contribute to the game, putting their heads together to figure out the right answers.

  • FIVE DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Increase the challenge each time you play, ramping up the question complexity from picky eaters to experienced gourmands.

  • HAND-CUT PAPER ILLUSTRATIONS: British artist Polly Lindsay hand-cut each of the 50 food-themed items shown on the word cards scattered across the table.


  • 50 Word cards

  • 49 Clue cards

  • 1 Answers card

  • 1 rulebook