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Fuse : Countdown

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Renegade Games Studios

Fuse : Countdown

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38,99 $ 27,29 $
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A creation of the author Kane Klenko .

All of the fast-paced gameplay from FUSE is back, with a stand-alone expansion! Can be used by itself, or combined with the original game. Still only takes 10 minutes to play! Cooperative, real-time, intense gameplay with new dice & bomb cards, a new card type (Spark cards!) and unique player role cards!

New Features:

Multi-colored Dice-can fulfill either color.

Spark Cards - When you can’t place a die, instead of rolling it and removing a related die, you draw a Spark card. It’s like a mini-bomb card for you to fulfill. You cannot win the game unless all active Spark cards are resolved.

Roles - Each player will have a special player power.

New Cards! New bomb cards using some of the new features/icons. New Fuse cards featuring multiple colors /numbers (easier to trigger, but you only have to get rid of one die per card), or a text-based ability (example: all players roll a die as fast as they can until each player has rolled a 6).


25 Dice

52 Bomb cards

10 Fuse cards

7 Role cards

20 Spark cards

1 Drawstring bag

Out of stock

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